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Design Services

Grotto and Water Slide

All Family Pools specializes in creating stunning pools and spas – including grotto and water slide design and build services. Transform your outdoor space into a secluded hideaway, a luxurious retreat, a fun-filled playground, or truly unique getaway with the addition of a pool grotto or water slide. We have over 40 years of experience in designing and installing pool features. With a team of experts using the highest-quality materials and craftsmanship, we are sure we have what it takes to bring your vision to life! Contact us today to request a bid or read on to learn more about our services.

Pool Grotto Design and Build Services

A grotto is defined as a “small picturesque cave.” This definition doesn’t do justice to the pool grottos we can build for our customers. Using materials like natural stone, boulders, or sculpted fiberglass, we are able to create stunning retreats within your pool. These pool grottos offer you a place to relax in the shade. Grottos can be designed to be intimate, or we can create large multi-person grottos complete with entertainment centers and features. We can also create grottos which act as cave enclosures for spas.

Here are just some of the popular design elements in our grottos:

  • Waterfall grottos: The entrance to the grotto is hidden by a waterfall
  • Multi-room grottos: If you have the space, make a complex network of caves to explore in your pool.
  • Spa grottos: Surround your spa with a cave to create a unique, intimate environment
  • Temple-style grottos: Using roman pillars, we can build you a grotto reminiscent of an ancient temple
  • Cave-style grottos: We can create stalactites in the grotto to create the impression you are inside a real cave.
  • Fiber optic lights: Enhance your grotto with lighting design, including fiber optics.
  • Entertainment centers: We can install stereo systems and even TVs in your grotto to make it into the perfect outdoor retreat.

Pool Water Slide Design and Build Services

A water slide not only enhances the fun factor of your pool, but can also serve as a unique, beautiful design element. All Family Pools specializes in designing and installing custom pool water slides, and we do it affordably and quickly.

Here are some of the types of pool water slides we can create:

  • Water slides for homes, community pools, and hotels
  • Natural stone water slides
  • Commercial-grade fiberglass water slides
  • Water slides with water features
  • Water slides with hidden grottos
  • Twisting, turning, straightaway, and steep-inclined water slides
  • Custom masonry for water slides
  • And more!

When designing your custom water slide, we always make sure to take into consideration the following important factors: safety, landscape, speedway, and budget.

All Family Pools is owned and operated by Michael Leonard, is a former state building, so you can count on us to make sure that all water slides are built according to regulations. When designing the water slide, we also factor in safety issues such as whether small children will be using the slide, and making sure that there aren’t any protruding objects or other safety hazards in the vicinity.

The aesthetics of your custom water slide are also very important because you don’t want to slide sticking out like a sore thumb on your property. We factor in your entire yard design when coming up with the aesthetic design of the slide to make sure materials match. Creative design techniques, such as installing a water slide on top of a rock fountain or grotto, can make your water slide a stunning feature of your home.

It isn’t enough for the water slide to be safe and attractive. A water slide also must be fun to use. We carefully calculate speedway and can help you decide whether a twisting and turning water slide, a straightaway, or steep incline is best for you. All of these factors are considered while still adhering to your budget for the project.

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